Process Pree Reviewer

  1. The Editor conducts technical and administrative assessment of the submitted manuscripts.
  2. The Editor will forward the manuscripts that meet the technical and administrative assessment for blind review process. Manuscripts that do not pass the technical and administrative assessment will be returned to the author with notes from the editor.
  3. Reviewers review the manuscript and make recommendations.
  4. INNERIE Conference Proceedings uses a Double Blind Peer-Review Proceedings (Double Blind: as much as possible the editorial staff tries to prevent the reviewers from knowing the author of the manuscript being reviewed (the identity of the author is hidden by the editorial staff), and vice versa) which involves reviewers based on their expertise relevant to the topic of the paper.
  5. The Editorial team conveys the results of the assessment and recommendations to the author along with the revision deadline.
  6. The editor will send a ready-to-publish copy to the author prior to publication for approval and irrevocability.