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East Adonara District is one of the sub-districts of East Flores Regency. Which has 2 wards and 19 villages. The role of the district office is to serve the community. In the process of administrative services in East Adonara District, computers have been used for all administrative-related work, but the data is still stored in the form of files and sometimes the files are lost. But there are some data that are still handwritten in a ledger to write data, such as data on citizens' administrative correspondence. This causes there are still many complaints and complaints from the public regarding convoluted procedures and no definite timeframe, so that people judge the officers as unprofessional which results in an unfavorable image of the government. Therefore, a website-based information system was created to assist the sub-district in providing sub-district information services that can be accessed precisely and accurately by the community. The method used in this study is the waterfall method, the programming language used is PHP. The final result of this research is an information service system that has been built and can be implemented. This system can assist the management of the East Adonara Sub-district office in providing information related to services, the necessary requirements and population data, where the test results obtained a presentation of an information service system that has been built and can be implemented. This system can assist the management of the East Adonara Camat office in providing information related to services, the requirements needed and population data


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