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e-catalogue, gallery, customer, relationship, management


The role of computer technology is very large in the business field because of its use

make it easier for business people to develop and advance their business. Competition in the business world at this time is increasingly advanced, so companies need to make strategic changes in order to improve their business. One of the key factors for business success is the customer. Customer service activities (customer care) can affect customer relationships and subsequently affect sales. The purpose of this research is to build a system by implementing Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) at Gallery Athirah in increasing satisfaction and keeping customers from switching to other business competitors. CRM has a very important role in business because it is a business strategy for companies designed to increase revenue and profitability, reduce costs and increase customer loyalty. With the implementation of customer relationship management based on e-catalogue made at Gallery Athirah, it is able to facilitate promotions that can help increase sales and help make it easier for customers to make transactions and obtain information about products being sold easily.


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